Ultra Lightweight Anti Blue Light Glasses

  • Type No.
  • Origin
  • Material
    PC(Lens), ULTEM(Frame)
  • Weight
    <20 grams

comply with ANSI 80.3, EN ISO 12312-1, AS/NZS 1067.1


to reduce harmful blue light for eyes


SUPERVISOR blue light blocking glasses are made with PC lenses and ULTEM(PEI)frame invented by GE company from the United States. ULTEM is widely used in medical treatment, aerospace engineering, and high-precision electronics for its reinforcement and stability under high and low temperatures. It is a very popular material for spectacle frames due to its light weight. SHANQ-I OPTICS's blue light blocking glasses are less than 20 grams in weight, which is lighter than an Apple charger, and meet the FDA standard in the United States, which is less likely to cause allergic reaction. Furthermore, the lens made with our coating technology is proved to block 60% of the average blue light in life and up to 90% of the strong blue light (wave length 420nm) coming from electronic devices! At the same time, we endeavor in creating the least color difference with our lens compared to the yellowish ones on the market. Our blue light glasses are certainly a functional and practical option for daily eye care! 



 More Than Half Blue-light is Cancelled 

1) Each set of glasses is lighter than 20 grams  

2) The ULTEM Frame can achieve durability and flexibility

3) Super high light transmittance gives the brighter view

4) Less yellow as possible for daily use 

5) Made in Taiwan