Idea & Design

Shanq-I Optics has a plenty experience of OEM/ODM product development.
Our team includes professionals in product design and mold construction can accurately collaborate with customers to realize the ideas of new products.


Self-owned CNC machinery can help customers speed up the developing time before production. Shanq-I Optics chooses high-quality steel for extending the service life of the mold. We can properly manage the customer's private mold.


Choosing Japanese injection machinery for mass production and adopting famous PC resin brands to ensure the quality and fineness of PC lenses, and skilled on-site technicians to check the details of each product.


The automated surface coating line, from washing, strengthening to drying, one-stop completion can prevent PC visors from pollution and improve the yield rate of processing. Whether anti-fog or anti-scratch treatment, both can be processed properly.

Vacuum Plating

The plating station in clean room uses vacuum plating to allow the element molecules on the surface to be evenly distributed, achieving the best color and uniform film thickness, which is an important part of the gold plating technology.

Lab Test

Shanq-I Optics builds its own laboratory based on the international standards for our safety products, which can help customers understand the future feasibility, and control the quality of the final products through real-time test results.