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Why wear a Steel Cage or PC Visor during the hockey game?
  • DATE : 2022-03-17
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Cage, PC visor and combination shields (they are full face shields that extend from a plastic or iron steel to the chin for full face protection) are of course to protect the eyes and face from errant sticks and puck impacts, preventing cuts and broken bones. A lot of the time, they're mandated by the league, especially for players under 18, and most governing bodies won't allow you to play without some level of face protection. Below we describe the comparison of the two main face guards.


人, 團隊, 成年人 的 免費圖庫相片


Steel Cage

• advantage

o Full face protection

o Required in some leagues

o Provides security when attacking

• shortcoming

o Heaviest option

o Can damage vision

o May make some people uncomfortable


PC Visor

• advantage

o Improve visibility

o Lighter weight than metal

o Provide partial protection

o Can be dyed or plated, useful for light-sensitive players

• shortcoming

o Protects a smaller area of ​​the face compared to a full-face steel cage

o May fog up without anti-fog coating

o May be scratched and worn over time

人, 冰, 冰刀 的 免費圖庫相片


The hockey visor with high optical characteristics manufactured by Shanq-I Optics not only enhances the clarity of sight, but also strengthens the surface treatment of the PC shield by using an inner anti-fog and an outer anti-scratch protective layer. The hockey visor and other types of sports face protection masks of Shanq-I Optics are all made of high-grade PC materials, and absolutely do not use second hand plastics, so they can withstand high-intensity impacts, and have both optical and physical superior features.