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Which frame material is best for the glasses?
  • DATE : 2021-09-15
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With the change of the trend and the more and more changes in the shape of glasses, the simple or retro style is becoming more popular. The demand and design of plastic frames are also becoming more and more common. At present, the frames with better quality are mainly made of plastic steel (ULTEM, also known as PEI) . ULTEM material has excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy, as well as chemical stability and high dimensional stability. Suitable for mass production, it can reduce the overall cost. Celluloid, the earliest thermoplastic resin invented in history, is often used to make artificial materials to replace real ivory. Celluloid's special luster texture is highly regarded by consumers who are looking for a professional craft, and the price on the market is also high. Part of the reason is that the production process must be handled manually, which makes it impossible to mass-produce it.

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Why SUPERVISOR chooses Ultem as our bluelight cancelling glasses frame

ULTEM(PEI)frame invented by GE company from the United States. ULTEM is widely used in medical treatment, aerospace engineering, and high-precision electronics for its reinforcement and stability under high and low temperatures. It is a very popular material for spectacle frames due to its light weight. SHANQ-I OPTICS's blue light blocking glasses are less than 20 grams in weight, which is lighter than an Apple charger, and meet the FDA standard in the United States, which is less likely to cause allergic reaction. 



(Note: During maintenance, do not wipe with organic solvents such as alcohol)